Ajay ~ King of Dreams

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is jailed in Bangalore’s Parappana Agrahara Central Jail after being convicted in the DA case. Will she be coming out in bail for Diwali is the only question and heated discussion running in the minds of ADMK supporters.


The case which was moving like a tortoise came to a halt on September 27th 2014 when Judge Michael D Cunha gave a stunning verdict against convicted Jayalalithaa, which included 4 years of imprisonment under one section and 6 months of imprisonment under another section (can be taken together so it’s a 4 years jail term) along with a fine amount of Rs. 100cr (if failed to pay will receive another one year of imprisonment).

The main evidence against Jayalalithaa in the DA case is the marriage she conducted for her Foster son Sudhakaran. The marriage was performed with such pomp and splendor that even…

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I can’t get over ‘Her’

Some times I’m happy and I go, watch a film. Some times I watch a film and then I’m happy.

HerBut today, I saw Her and I’m happy just for the reality that film exists.

Film is simply, more than a consciousness that defines our multitude of emotions. The answers we seek, the silences echoing inside us, our memories we doubt as dreams and never ending gush of thoughts dying out even before we realize and experience them.

Her is truly the power of cinema and infinite ways we look at ourselves and every thing around.

Director Spike Jonze’s Adaptation blew my mind away. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest films I’ve ever seen. I am yet to watch his other films. Now comes along the way, is Her. As my expectations and excitement kept me restless, Spike, as any maestro would do, took no time to transcend my physical realm into the film’s consciousness. I felt lost into Her beautiful world and every thing I saw and every emotion I experienced  reverberated as reality.

Her is a journey to know that, love is not to be understood but felt. The same, would serve right for Her. A film, about a guy falling in love with an artificial intelligence, too must be felt, not understood. All way along, the film is more about her-the-movie-samanthaself inquiry. As love is about our adamant belief in self-doubt, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) are in eternal doubt about their collective existence and its implications on each of their individualism.

The perspective of woman in the film is invisible. It deeply intrigues the existence of woman and universalization of woman’s grand beauty around us.

I always felt Great Expectations to be the greatest love story I’ve seen. May be I share a thought with Woody Allen‘s quote in Vicky Cristina Barcelona,

Unrequited love is the most romantic.

To look into Ethan hawke’s and Glyneth paltrow eyes, Just to look at them, and feel the in-culminated love for each other. But Her surpasses such emotion.The intimacy between Theodore and Samantha is surreal. Samantha is never seen in the film. The existence of Woman in Her is purely and absolutely emotional, as it is ought to be.

What makes you fall in love with a person? Really ? This question seems to bewildering us since the inception of universe and the quest over this question has been the singular binding life-force, since then.Her mirror

The possibility of falling in love with an artificial intelligence, drives us to delve deeper into our understanding about Love and Soul.

Samantha’s words, actions, wants, and her philosophical introspections might or might not let us define her as a person with a soul.

In one of the most interesting scenes of the film , Samantha is constantly obsessed about her not having a body and slightly jealous over his ex-wife. She tells him, all of us have been part of the same matter around us since 13 billion years.

People die, take birth and all the things that keep evolving have to be a part the absolute matter around us. That makes every thing the same, at certain level.The limitation of physical matter impels us to the unification all entity.

We talk about love beyond the looks, beyond physicality. When we define a person in terms of Love, it has to be beyond just a collection of thoughts and actions. Her has even gone beyond such definitions.

The need for love and our sufferings in its quest are unreasonable and inherently destined.

I can never get over her.

The past is just a story we tell ourselves

D day.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day after long long time.I don’t remember when I’ve decided to embark on a long bike ride. As our awakenings disturb our most beautiful dreams, the long trip had been deprioritised for quite a bit of  time.

But tomorrow will witness a ride of 600km in solitude from Bangalore to Hyderabad. 

What ever comes out of this trip, I’m sure it’ll be a life long memory. 

More about the trip after reaching Hyderabad.

Nothing – Real


Life’s ultimate question.

To think about it, to pursue it, to experience it.

Where does happiness really lie? why do we have to search it forever?

If  life’s ultimate happiness lies in, living the way, we want to live, why don’t we simply do it? Is there a better life tomorrow, If I sacrifice today’s happiness for tomorrow’s happiness?

Like every one around I do have many dreams in life. Things i want to do, places i want to visit, people i want to be with.

Ultimately, do we have to find Reality ? Or acknowledge and immerse ourselves in the infinite Nothingness of human consciousness and the Universe?

Then, do we find a Reality of nothingness and Nothingness in reality?

Some would say, the quest in itself is real. Some say, the self is real. Some might say, more than the self, what we find through the quest is real.

But in all nothingness, Can there be any thing really Real?

I’m always worried abt watching Classic films. One gets so much carried away with public opinion, that one can hardly watch them through a personal perception.

My expectation levels, have also ruined my experiences of watching classics.Pyaasa

More than all, the intensity of emotions in popular scenes, dialogues, expressions get so much cliched , that I can hardly find myself appreciating them.

But to me .. Some Films are exceptions. Today Pyaasa by Guru Dutt is an exception.No wonder its an inspiration for Anurag Kashyap to create Gulaal.

No matter how much any body tells about such films, no matter how much expectations you have, no matter the times in which the story is set, some films leave u spellbound, like watching a Sunset at the sea, even though you’ve seen it for a million times.

They hit you so hard and you become numb. They strip you down emotionally. You find yourself in an mental void that you believe that, you’ve taken birth right at that moment and you start feeling things for the first time.

In such moments, there s no past and no future for you. Every second is a genesis of your own self.

As far as the emotion which which ‘Pyaasa’ leaves you, some confine it to sadness, romance, self crisis, self discovery, or bliss. But no matter what emotion we do perceive, Love will always have its final say.

Our anger, jealousy, happiness, possessiveness, pain, egos, hatred… at the limit of all kind of emotions, is where Love manifests itself.
All sorrow is an outcome of degraded, limited versions of our emotions. When we surpass any emotion, take it to its highest level, We find Love. The forms of love are different, some times paradoxical, like mother’s unconditional care, a loved one’s possessiveness, or hatred towards some person.

Love is the pinnacle of any emotion. It leads us to eternal peace.

In thirst (Pyaasa) of such Love, it doesn’t even matter what we lose or achieve.

“Yeh duniyaa agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hain !”

Tollywood is setting new benchmarks for World cinema..

Forget abt No.1 Hero of industry, most popular hero on social media, 1st week collections… town records and wat not. All this shit is done and over.

Now the new standard is…
Number of people died in Audio functions.

In enough time … we’ll have older records broken, with more of so-called fans dying at audio functions. Wait… Its not over yet, the Ex gratia given to the deceased can be included in the budget too… Ohhhh yes !! Now we can hype abt the budget as well.

Seriously.. What the fuck is an audio function..??? Forget abt the music director, he must be feeling relieved, he’s at least let inside and found a place to sit, at some nook corner.

Now u start giving all the names to the hero, such as Rising star.. mighty star… super duper star.. till there r no names left out for Stars in astronomy. Suddenly u recall his father as a tiger , grand father as lion and his uncle as some polar bear ? his cousins as some rattle snakes??? .. I wonder, if I’m watching any National geographic.

As quoted by Quashik mukherjee… A filmmaker needs money to make Films, not films to make money.
Or as Francis ford coppola said, Its a Film business, So the film comes before the business.

With every thing and all the unneeded crap, except the Film itself, Tollywood is better off running a business, much worser than a soft-porn business.

Once there was a Child,

I’ve lost him in abandoned dreams,

I became a Man.

Once there was God,

I’ve caged him in temples,

I became a Man.

Once there was a Sea of Love,

I’ve dried it up with reason,

I became a Man.

Once there were Skies of Freedom,

I’ve cut off my wings, in a run for the buck,

I became a Man.


Now I’m a Beggar, not home-less, but Soul-less.

Half-naked as the Truth,

As Sinful as Love,

As Real as Death.


All Life, is only a ‘precious’ moment between Dreams and memories..