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When a thought arises in the mind… Whose is that? Does it really belong to me?  My precious had asked us ,why we are happy when it rains?

I wanted to sing about it… even wanted to write a poem about it… Here I am thinking about it.

The first joy of rain was felt when we were young and sang those little rhymes . No wonder why most of us recollect them, when it rains. Later rain became a reason to bunk schools n to play with paper boats :). Even now I see little children looking innocently into the cloudy sky with a melancholic smile.

A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires. – Paulo Coelho

Rain is always a best friend to a child .It is their reason to be crazily happy. When the first drop of rain touches a child’s face, nothing on Earth can describe their joy .I think the only difference between a child and an adult is that, a child always finds a reason to be happy. As a matter of fact ,true happiness doesn’t need bigger reasons. For me, Rain will always be one.

It reminds me of a scene in “At first sight”…where Virgil (A blind guy) talks about rain. He says that rain becomes his vision .The smell of the mud, echo of rain drop in the room ,sound of wind blowing across trees… All these let him feel the mud, the room, trees n lot of things.

I think that rain makes us feel our own self. The drops running through your hair ,face and spine…  And as rain drenches us, we feel ourselves completely !.

As Richard Linklater says The only mystery in this world is in the space between people.

Yes ,its just the space .Its up to us ,what we make out of this space .Let it be a handshake or a slap or a kiss or an unexplainable touch of your loved one or a hug to an inconsolable person .The mystery is all in the space between us.

I believe that rain unifies this space. It fills our vision and ‘our world’ with water to feel, thunders to hear and pouring clouds to see. We feel as if the whole world is raining and every one experiencing it. If we think about what makes us happy… It would be an idea of an unified soul. That is the reason why people are happy at large congregations, massive weddings or packed stadiums. What makes us happy is the idea of one soul reverberating in every one around us !!!.

Rain is a symbolism for unconditional love. It just pours and gives us happiness with out any expectations . We cant give it anything, and more than that, it cant take anything !! 🙂 .That’s the beauty of nature and the universe .If we had to learn something about life … who else wud be the best teacher other than nature?

Rainbow wud one of the best things about nature .Who else could coronate Earth other than Rain? And what else would be better than a Rainbow? I look at it  as crown for  every  man who lives HOW A MAN SHOULD LIVE .

It enlightens us that, what we see with our eyes is not actually, what it is .Who can put it more beautifully than rain that, light, the essence of life, is not just plain or lackluster .We just see the Seven colors through a Rainbow, but it is just a speck of splendidness !.Like wise, Life is not what we see or even understand what it is .It is beyond human comprehension.

Rain is no exception to be a Paradox .It brings joy to some and sorrow to others .There is no point to judge it ,we can only experience and believe in it .They say that some people love to walk in rain so that we cant see their tears .I don’t know if their sadness brings the rain or the rain brings their sadness .If they are sad, Rain becomes a pat on their shoulder ,If they are not, Rain rhythms with the dance of their happiness.Happiness is always in us,it’s up to us to feel it or not.Its just a choice made by an awakened soul.

I see a pouring rain n I don’t see many people outside… May be we think that enjoying the rain is insane or silly :).May be it’s good for me .I get to see people ,in this world,who LIVE and don’t just EXIST.

Every one getting wet in the rain has a story to tell and I’d listen to their story as it rains .When the rain is gone, part of our soul gets hidden or disappeared .



The story is not yet over, because It will Rain again ! n  I’ll be out in the ‘world’  again !.



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