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Tollywood is setting new benchmarks for World cinema..

Forget abt No.1 Hero of industry, most popular hero on social media, 1st week collections… town records and wat not. All this shit is done and over.

Now the new standard is…
Number of people died in Audio functions.

In enough time … we’ll have older records broken, with more of so-called fans dying at audio functions. Wait… Its not over yet, the Ex gratia given to the deceased can be included in the budget too… Ohhhh yes !! Now we can hype abt the budget as well.

Seriously.. What the fuck is an audio function..??? Forget abt the music director, he must be feeling relieved, he’s at least let inside and found a place to sit, at some nook corner.

Now u start giving all the names to the hero, such as Rising star.. mighty star… super duper star.. till there r no names left out for Stars in astronomy. Suddenly u recall his father as a tiger , grand father as lion and his uncle as some polar bear ? his cousins as some rattle snakes??? .. I wonder, if I’m watching any National geographic.

As quoted by Quashik mukherjee… A filmmaker needs money to make Films, not films to make money.
Or as Francis ford coppola said, Its a Film business, So the film comes before the business.

With every thing and all the unneeded crap, except the Film itself, Tollywood is better off running a business, much worser than a soft-porn business.


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