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I’m always worried abt watching Classic films. One gets so much carried away with public opinion, that one can hardly watch them through a personal perception.

My expectation levels, have also ruined my experiences of watching classics.Pyaasa

More than all, the intensity of emotions in popular scenes, dialogues, expressions get so much cliched , that I can hardly find myself appreciating them.

But to me .. Some Films are exceptions. Today Pyaasa by Guru Dutt is an exception.No wonder its an inspiration for Anurag Kashyap to create Gulaal.

No matter how much any body tells about such films, no matter how much expectations you have, no matter the times in which the story is set, some films leave u spellbound, like watching a Sunset at the sea, even though you’ve seen it for a million times.

They hit you so hard and you become numb. They strip you down emotionally. You find yourself in an mental void that you believe that, you’ve taken birth right at that moment and you start feeling things for the first time.

In such moments, there s no past and no future for you. Every second is a genesis of your own self.

As far as the emotion which which ‘Pyaasa’ leaves you, some confine it to sadness, romance, self crisis, self discovery, or bliss. But no matter what emotion we do perceive, Love will always have its final say.

Our anger, jealousy, happiness, possessiveness, pain, egos, hatred… at the limit of all kind of emotions, is where Love manifests itself.
All sorrow is an outcome of degraded, limited versions of our emotions. When we surpass any emotion, take it to its highest level, We find Love. The forms of love are different, some times paradoxical, like mother’s unconditional care, a loved one’s possessiveness, or hatred towards some person.

Love is the pinnacle of any emotion. It leads us to eternal peace.

In thirst (Pyaasa) of such Love, it doesn’t even matter what we lose or achieve.

“Yeh duniyaa agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hain !”


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