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If “Million dollar Baby” is just a movie, I wud have watched it back to back… I guess, for me, it doesnt fit in the “Movie”  category. (Even if I wanted to watch it again, The moment was already gone with my be-wilderness, after the movie’s ending).

The movie has lot more than to it.

Life exists, only when we stretch  the rational purpose of any thing.

Evry thing comes to Life , when we do more than ‘just that’.

When I clean my bike more than  “just cleaning” it … I live.

When I relish my food more than “just eating” it.. I live a few more moments.

When I hear a song or see a movie more than “just watching” it… I wud be still alive.

I understand that, Cint Eastwood has just done that. He dint “just make” a movie. He gave it a  ‘Life’ ! I’m quite sure, it lives in the memories and observations of countless people.

Some time back, after watching ‘Invictus’, I thought, Eastwood was a Great director. After “Here after”.. his genre amazed me.

Then “Mystic River” happened  …I still remember wat it has left me with… and  frankly, I still can’t completely  believe tat, Eastwood had made it…”Changeling” left me dumbstruck … with the depth n intensity of the story n the characters.

A person who was a charismatic  actor during his youth, now a  3 time Oscar winning director,Producer,mutilple time Oscar nominee Actor,Composer. I try in vain, connecting the dots of Eastwood,excelling in  most of the crafts.

Now after watching “ Million Dollar Baby” …Huh !

Let me take no more Time or Words, to call him ‘God’.. It might seem to be over exaggerating, but frankly,I  still feel bad,If tat is all ..I cud ever call him, in the sphere of my tangible possibilities. His stories leave me, shattering and some times in tranquility.They puzzle me if, Life is peaceful or Death is scary.I guess, both have thier own proportions.

Being a sports genre … I have had doubts, abt the Movie being distinct, to the others in the same league, but Million Dollar baby outclasses and puts itself in a league of its own.

It is difficult, I must admit… to explain or try to put in Words.. abt wat U feel inside, when U connect Ur self to some thing more than Good .. more than Real…

It wud be foolish, definitely,  trying to search for a message in the movie.. The acts of the characters … trying to draw a line  between them,  to name them Good or Bad.What we interpret might not be thier  argument.

There is always more than to the eye, and that alone,  is the Beauty in Life, if there is any.

A Song is never sung or heard,

A Story is never written or read,

A Movie never directed or watched,

There is no Creator nor an audience for Art, it always exists in the Mind connected to it.

Art is the only Entity that can ever exist in this world.. In our lives, emotions, every deed and… even in death.It is in the trivial and in the Supreme.

U can never share it.. nor own it…

U can never be greedy for it nor Can ever get, enough of it.

In all our endless moments of our lives, We witness Art … We see ourselves through it .. in all its forms, all ‘Our’ forms.

The running race we are all in, is wat we see through Art,  all the shapes we transform into.

Our ethics, morals, happiness, tears… Our reasons , responsibilities, our beliefs , doubts…Every thing is an irreplaceable brick in our souls.

We all do have Million bricks in us and this is One of the Million stories, the Movie shares with me.

P.S : It wud be superfluous to talk abt the performances of Clint EastwoodHilary Swank, and Morgan Freeman.More than the boxing matches in the movie, I enjoyed watching the trio, competing with each other.


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Unborn Mind ?

A book or a film is never a guide …. It isn’t a manual which tells us What to do or How to do something. I don’t see much difference between a book, a song or a color .I don’t understand when ppl say tat they don’t like a person, or they don like to watch movies.

I see a book, art, painting or a person just as…. a potential of infinite beauty… It’s a boat on the shore of the most beautiful lake . It’s all up to us… what do we do with it..  Jump on to it and take a ride or leave it there.

It is the ‘most precious’ one. An object of our own self, waiting to be touched.Its  a candle to lighten up, the unopened shelves of our soul. I won’t guarantee that the ride wud leave us all smiling…  it brings us fears , hope ,happiness…but, all of that was there already in us… it’s our very own ‘self’… if we don’t feel our ‘self’ , What more do we have  to do in here?

Everything…. Every single thing in this world is Art. So beautiful that, it is  just waiting for that perfect moment to take birth. Beauty is born in our mind. We give it a life and nurture it.

There can’t be a dull or in-understandable thing. It’s all us. It’s all our mind.

It’s us who give it a meaning. When we say we agree or disagree to an idea, we give it a meaning and shape.

When we think abt Sea, It is very serene. But sometimes,  It blows us off with its silence. It scares us with its silence… n we understand these words and relate to them… ”Scaring silence”… But silence is serene…. Then how did we agree, n relate silence with fear … and saw beauty in the “Scary silence” of the sea?

There’s is no reason in this world. It exists only in the mind. We give an equally fitting reason for doing something or not doing it. We have religious-tolerance, career-tolerance and at last… thought-tolerance. We can jus agree or disagree to anything at any time.

We call it “Our World”. That’s the way the world is…Isn’t it? >-)

Mind is just a mental machine … Group of thoughts hovering here and there… when we try to relate or connect them, with all our reasons and explanations…… thoughts are brought to life. We feel alive. We accomplish something. It’s great for some ppl… nothing for some… cruel for some or  boring for some.

People give us,  and to our accomplishment, a meaning … We give a concern, meaning, shape to their reasoning … They react to our reaction and it’s endless … Just goes on…

I can’t believe in any belief (?).  If mind is controlling us, our actions and our thoughts … Why don’t we see the insanity, when sum one tells us to control our mind? If sum thing else can control it… what s it? Shouldn’t that be controlled again?

Enough of bull shitting !

I want to laugh hysterically when I hear the words ”Hope” and “Move on” with equal prominence.

Ppl are nodding their heads to “Hope”.

Ppl are nodding their heads to “Move on”.

Isn’t us who give them a meaning? Don’t we rape our mind and beget “Hope”!!!!!…. Don’t we destroy it and bury our very own child (hope) in the sands of ‘reality’ ? But our children aren’t dead.

when some one gives me  a flower.. a beautiful flower… I am  glad and happy. I love it … but I see the child’s smile in that. When I ask them where was the flower from. They point to the sand, where I buried my Hope…. my child.

Can love blossom over buried hopes?

What the heck do we need in this life?

Career?  Money? Fame? Or Accomplishments? What do we need…? Or do we NEED jus Peace of mind? More desires, more needs.

What we desire is what we think , we need to desire.

What we need is what we think , we desire to need.

To live. To exist. To pass on… To justify the glory of our own life… if we lead a simpler life… to justify the glory of simplicity…

Life will always be a struggle …. Struggle to be great… Struggle to be simple.

I’m angry  at this moment…

Angry at what I know… which tells me what I need to know… which, after knowing, tells me….that the only reason for knowing is to be angry….Later I realize that I shouldn’t be angry n then, I realize that I can’t be angry… It’s all a mind game to be angry, to love , to live.

I jus want to break through my mind and ask it….  what it really wants?  (Who’s asking my mind?)

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