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Its been a while in Telugu cinema ,since a movie with social message has seen light ,and here comes Sekhar kammula to enchant us.People say that  his movie is as soothing as  a cool breeze.Well known for his simple, serene and heart-touching films,this time,the National award winner comes up with some food-to-thought work, to rescue us from the junk food(read movies)  🙂 !!!.

“Leader” gives us a good insight of Indian politics. It tries to get us out of the  classic Corrupted-India labyrinth .It also puts us to shame abt the simplest things that we couldn’t achieve in Sixty years of Democracy(hah !! who cares,We are like thhisss only !!).

The most intriguing part abt Sekhar is the Logic of his script.There r no dreamy heroines or super-heroic heroes and most of all ,thanks to him ,there r no climaxes with hard-to-believe fights in which  ta heroes takes revenge on ta villains.I guess, he is on “Save the Sumos” campaign, which get blasted in climaxes !! 🙂

In ta movie ,Sekhar has critically highlighted that “Corruption” is the root cause for every problem ,an Indian faces.He has done  a brilliant job in projecting the Caste-abuse in our country ,realistically.Scenes with MLAs and ministers portray how corruption is involved in every issue n incident…..be it a project or a bomb blast.There is a crucial scene about a girl’s rape in the movie.It must be a ‘shameful coincidence’ (or the usual routine in India) that a similar incident has happened on the exact date of the film’s release. Go thru ta link  http://ibnlive.in.com/news/raped-dalit-girl-kills-herself-as-cops-let-off-the-accused/110366-3.html

Casting in the movie is just “PERFECT”. Suhasini,Kota Srinivas, Subbaraju (Dhanu) gave living performances in their roles. My favorites would be Kota n Harshavardhan (Ali).Kota gave a flawless performance.He  proved, yet again , to be one of ta most talented n respected actors in ta industry.

I am not gratified with the conclusion,really.I hoped to see a Leader “in action”,but ta movie is abt a journey to become a Leader. My expectations about the film ,were left to the imagination of the audience in ta end. It was like “They lived happily ,ever after” .May be , Sekhar has tried to project the ugly face of  politics as a prologue,  (which is not at least a breaking news !) . So in the end ,whats more to expect with the house full of honest leaders (hah!!  have some hope, people even believe  in flyin saucers !).

I personally believe George Orwell’s line in Animal Farm that ,”Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Who can give us a  guarantee that the situation would not be reversed? Yet times I ask myself, Comparing to “Yuva” ,What new Ideas did the movie really present? I hardly believe that honesty, ethics n austerity (being age-old ideals) work  in politics. We have a real world example with Lok satta Party,let alone Chiranjeevi.

Rana delivered the best debut performance in recent times.His voice is just “impeccable”.He did a great job  in the scenes, where he speaks with party members and  officials. He wonders us with his modulation in a scene ,where he asks ta heroine for a date.He was good at expressions with rare exceptions.I could rate his expressions as 8/10.

I admire Sekhar’s idea of a Woman.She is independant ,self made n most of all ,clear about love n lust.Richa Gangopadhyay(Archana) has done justice to her role.

One of the best dialogues of the movie would be ,”Today, working honestly is considered as a Sacrifice  ! ”

Mickey J Mayer has come again with  brilliant tracks.Vandemataram and the revisited version(not a remix!!) of Maa telugu talli ki are my favorites. The latter is not just portrayed as some patriotic song.It emphasizes the need of unity in Andhra Pradesh(in that case,the whole country).

Really, One cant help admiring Sekhar’s effort and commitment to make a meaningful cinema. He is a living example of what a Film maker can be and has to be.

Finally, the movie sums up to the fact,”Be the change you want to see in this world – Gandhi “.It draws our attention that only Youth can change the fate of this country(because ,atleast they are not YET  corrupted).Young leaders ,they are the need of the hour.


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