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Federer Vs Nadal.Who’s got what?

A classic rivalry.It seems to be the likes of an nth degree polynomial. Lemme try to explain the complex equation.

If u are comparing them one-on-one ,clearly Nadal has the edge 13-7  as of now.
May be because ,strengths of Nadal might be weaknesses for Federer.Nadal doesn’t have the same game against different players.

I dont think dominating one person and one surface is great.Nadal has ‘records’ only on clay court.Say in cricket,no one cares if ishant sharma is able to get Ponting every time.What abt rest of the batsmen in the team?abt other teams in the world?

Out of 6 grandslams nadal won ,Federer was there 5 times to stop him.Nadal is yet to win US open and has “1” wimbledon.Federer has “5” US  opens n “6” Wimbledons already.

Federer made into 23 ‘consecutive’ Grand Slam semi-finals.Common,the man was there in every semifinal for the past 5 years.It shows his consistency and his ability to win against different players in different surfaces and conditions

Ok let me make it simple, the last tournament Nadal was fit was US open 2009(after he took break from wimbledon).He lost to Del potro 6-2,6-2,6-2.Del potro dominated and won Thats not the case with Federer who gave his toughest fight.He came up with every thing he could do for 3–6,7–6,4–6,7–6,6–2.Thats what Federer is,A WARRIOR.

It feels funny trying to justify Federer. To put it in one word,”16 majors”.what else any body needs to compare ?

If some body needs far more comparision, go to wiki,
WORLD records first,
-16 Grand Slam titles
-23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals
-10 consecutive Grand Slam finals
-22 Grand Slam finals
-U.S. Open->5 consecutive wins
-Most consecutive weeks at No.1 (237) and current no.1

Other records,
-Career Grand Slam
-Wimbledon->5 consecutive wins.

What does it take for a MAN,to achieve these?

All these statistics seem weird to me too.For a great guitar player,its not about the tension (measured in Newtons) he gives in the strings or the time interval(in sec) between strums or the decibels of claps of the audience.U hear it,u forget urself n the world,u find a deeper meaning,which u cant even explain.

When u watch Federer play,the feeling u get is unexplainable.No one can describe his calm n cool,seem-to-be-effortless n technically-great shots,the FIGHT he puts like a Warrior.U’ve to see it to feel it.

Nadal has the complete potential to be tommorrow’s champion.For today its “Roger Federer”.Period


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