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Life’s ultimate question.

To think about it, to pursue it, to experience it.

Where does happiness really lie? why do we have to search it forever?

If  life’s ultimate happiness lies in, living the way, we want to live, why don’t we simply do it? Is there a better life tomorrow, If I sacrifice today’s happiness for tomorrow’s happiness?

Like every one around I do have many dreams in life. Things i want to do, places i want to visit, people i want to be with.

Ultimately, do we have to find Reality ? Or acknowledge and immerse ourselves in the infinite Nothingness of human consciousness and the Universe?

Then, do we find a Reality of nothingness and Nothingness in reality?

Some would say, the quest in itself is real. Some say, the self is real. Some might say, more than the self, what we find through the quest is real.

But in all nothingness, Can there be any thing really Real?


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