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In search of meaning of Life, in search of meaning of Love, I wander insanely in this endless journey.

It’s just one name, that I hear every where…  in every beat… every step…  screaming in my ears !

In search of the real, unreal, to understand it and to follow it. Is to understand the real, is to understand the Unreal? To focus on one thing .. to believe in some thing… to follow some thing… to gratify something.

We want something for the sake of something else. All we want is unreal, for the sake of something unreal. Is the ultimate reality, just the voice with in yourself?? Or just the vision within yourself ??

Is being somewhere at some time reality to us? It might be unreal to someone in some other place Or unreal to us in some other time.

Is , all that we perceive real and all that we can’t/wont perceive unreal??

What is the difference between Nostalgia and déjàvu in the exact sense? Aren’t they both, our pre-notioned beliefs??

Neo: You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?    -The Matrix

How different is memory from imagination?We imagine abt events, to happen in certain fashion… and we imagine/anticipate others not to happen in some other way..

Memories dont exist for real.They are any unneeded consumeristic  product, advertised and bought by ourselves.There are no unconditional or unbiased memories… They are all… the way WE see them… the way we want to see them..

Memories are not colour, but black n White photographs  in our minds.. blacking out the things we don’t /cant see…while we look at wat we WANT to see.

All past is unreal unless we forcefully believe in it .. (Yes … it happened .. ! right? )Or told to believe in it… We were told abt our parents and childhood by someone..It is true until someone disproves it by mere words or things which might be untrue again. U never know. U cant be sure of so many things.. may be every thing. There is no reason or belief, only a CHOICE.

Dejavu is the proof that our past/memories are just a pre-notioned beliefs… Memory is no good than an imagination, when U worry abt whether it happened for Real or not.Past is only an approved imagination, while déjàvu isn’t approved by people around us.

I have no clue abt my past.. and i have no clue abt my future.. My work… my career… my death… MY DEATH! … Wat is that, we have to lose in here?? We fear abt losing our past sad moments and the future happy ones…  Present doesn’t divide Past and future… It divides sorrow and happiness…yet it is emotionally devoid of both. There is more sorrow in the past than we can imagine in the future… there is more happiness and enthusiasm in the future, than we can remember in the past.

Every second that’s gone is, nothing more than an imagination of, every second that is yet to come.


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